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Maria utca 7, Budapest

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Maria Hostel


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Maria Hostel is located in the center of Budapest. You will find plenty museums, bars, restaurants, shops, etc, within walking distance. You will find the best public transport lines in Budapest nearby: Metro 2 - red line, Metro 3 - blue line, buses, trolleys and trams.

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Maria Hostel is in Pest side near the: 4-6 tram line (Rkczi tr), Metro 2 (Blaha Lujza tr), Metro 3 (Ferenc krt), Bus no. 7., etc. It is in a very good location however situated in a very quiet street.

From the Airport you can take the Bus no. 200 to get in the city. Take the Blue Line Metro until the Ferenc krt stop. That takes just about 30 minutes.
>From the Keleti main train station you can take the bus no. 7 (for 2 stops) or Red Line Metro (for 1 stop) towards the center (Dek tr) and get to Blaha Lujza square. From here you can walk, or take the 4 or 6 tram for one stop (Rkczi tr).

From the Nyugati main train station you have to travel just 5 stops, 'till the Rkczy tr stop.

From Npliget main bus station take the blue line metro towards Deak tr for 3 stops (Ferenc krt). From here you can walk or take the 4 or 6 tram for two stops (Rkczi tr).
We are on Maria utca 7..

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