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Hullam Hostel


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Hullam Hostel was built nearly 100 years ago and it stands in the heart of the town of Revfulop. Revfulop is situated on the north shore of the lake on the boundary of the Balaton-Highland National Park and the Kali Basin. You can see the whole lake from the nearby tower. The town is famous for its

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Hullam Hostel lies on Route 71, 165 kilometers westbound from Budapest, some 200 metres from the railway station and 100 meters from Lake Balaton. Regular transport is available to nearby towns and cities.
If you arrive to Sarmellek Balaton Airport then search the Airport Shuttle can take you directly to the hostel or to Keszthely ( approx. 5 EUR) where regular transport is also available.

From Budapest:
By train: Direct line from Budapest Deli Station every two hours - approx. 3 hours trip. Check out the timetable at The fastest train (Tihany IC) usually starts at 17:10 from Deli train station. After getting off at Revfulop, just walk 200 meter staright ahead beside the road.
By car: 89 kms on M7 Highway from Budapest, then Route 71 via Balatonfred - approx. two hours..

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